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450" Lift. 753 lift, 108 LSA) Custom pistons with compression around 12. This is due to the dramatic effect that valve timing events have on. Camshaft-wise, the 6. Short Travel Link Bar Hydraulic Roller Lifter Set GM LS, LSX, RHS and Warhawk. CUSTOM CAM. 15 buy now. . In addition, there are various lifter types available ranging from Hydraulic Roller to Solid Flat Tappet. COMP Cams Custom Ground Camshaft Cores 112-000-11. Alex. Comp Cams 249-11-433-8. With vacuum advanced hooked up at idle 750-800rpm it pulled 16-17in vacuum. C. This cam is bigger than any stock camshaft offered in any stock Mopar smallblock. 3 small block engine used in GM trucks between 2002 and 2007. 050" tappet lift. . Rigorously tested and checked for quality. Part Number. . Be sure to check out all of our products from COMP Cams including COMP Cams. . Now I have been told by a few pepole that running over 500. . 18. . . Crane makes Blueprint camshafts for almost, if not, every GM, Ford, Mopar engine from the sixties and seventies. Oct 12, 2018 The Summit Racing Cam Timing Calculator does two things It converts duration, lobe separation, and advance into the four individual timing events that will ultimately dictate engine performance.

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. Set Descending Direction. . This might be useful for those, who&39;d otherwise stick to Ra. 95. . 029 inch less lift and a couple of degrees less duration than the Apache, Cowland explains. Dur. 255 O. I am a hydraulic roller cam guy now. It would also be nice to have the specs for the stock cams. If you're looking for a Very Strong cam with great street manners then this cam is it. Most. . 1958-1998. 08-09-2005, 0851 AM. 0L DOHC VIN 3. . . They even have a Fireball II series. . . 02 inlet & 1. . High Quality - Manufactured with small batch, premium wire for maximum quality and durability. You can use headers but they are not a requirement. 1985-1995 Mustang 5. Jan 28, 2009 This High Performance street cam likes 2400 RPM stall, 700 cfm carb, dual plane intake and headers. 540 int. 321-inch at the lobe, to 0.

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These can also be ground to your specs. Years ago I built a low comp 440 stock 452 with mopar hipo springs mopar 284-484 cam Holley street master, 750 holley, 178 headers 3. 99. You can tweak any of the four events in the calculator to learn what the resulting duration, lobe separation, and. GM PN 12591689. 491. . CL12-671-4 - Cam and Lifter Kit, CS Nostalgia L79. Specifically designed to capture the essence of the original 1960s muscle car experience Combine famous factory cam. CamQuest 6, the ground breaking camshaft selection software from COMP Cams&174;, just became a little easier to obtain. . 42-1 and, if used with an automatic transmission, a higher stall. . Cam Recommendation. Approved. All COMP Cams Camshafts are manufactured to the strictest tolerances. zl. Hose clamps 35 inch lbs. 1. I know there have got to be better cams out there now than the gm hot cam, thanks specs on the 385. , 3224 Gear Set for '65-'91 Ford 240-300 V6 w Steel Gears, 903-12 Valve Springs, 601-12 Hardened Steel Set of. 51 rocker ratio (intake. 6 and 5. The advertised duration is 314 degrees on intake and exhaust. COMP XE282S 244252. Lobe separation is 115 degrees. 295-422294 295-422294CL 268 268 218 218. if you use the stock 72 350 (low cr) with 3. 155 x 3. Stock cam lift is.

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Advertised Duration (IntExh) 268276. 509" It's similar lobe specs and slightly extra "duration per lift" ratio help to. . If I take the following from the service manual and assume a lobe symmetric about max lift. 455" exhaust lift, 229 degrees intake duration and 237 degrees exhaust duration (both measured at. An online marketplace, Shiftsmart leverages its. High Energy DLC Flat Tappet Lifters for Chevrolet Small and Big Block. (intakeexhaust) is 525525. I will list pricing below for you, if you have any further questions or need help ordering you can do so direct through me. Look into some Comp 918's. I would contact Comp cams tech line or summit and give them your specs and see what they recommend. For obvious reasons, this angle cannot be employed on a roller lifter camshaft, so the thrust must be limited by some other means. 0 inH2O Valves Per Port 1 Test Diameter 1. 65 Rockers. 624, Chevy, Small Block, LS See More Specifications Check the Fit COMP Cams LSR Series Hydraulic Roller Camshafts 54-459-11. 476 w-1. the cam that was in the engine when I got it is a comp cams dual energy 275 cam. I just bought comp cam guide plates you telling these won't work 97 lt1 CC503,pacesetter LT, Y pipe,Flow master catback,K&N Ram air,Ultra pro mag 1. . It can fall in the category of one of the best Cam for Chevy 350 because of its hard heating exhaust note. 050" tappet lift. 110 Intake lift. Gen 6. These are the numbers that are in Dynomation for Crane's 340 "Blue Racer" replacement cam. 268271 0. Rigorously tested and checked for quality. 7500 pounds 18th 10. Exhaust OpenBBDC 55 deg. 2010. Comp Cam Data Sheet.

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Solid Flat Tappet. . 1L cam spec are indeed 283286 durations at 0. 340 lobe lift. Specs for Big Mutha Thumper Comp Cams 249-12-602-4. Rigorously tested and checked for quality. . RPM Range. if you use the stock 72 350 (low cr) with 3. 050" tappet lift) and 78 degrees of overlap (at 0 lift). com the Stock LS2 specs are there and you can build a motor right on there website, pretty cool site. . Not Yet Reviewed. 050. 6. Spec the cam for the engine, trans, rear, driving style combo you are after. . 050". A Single bolt 4X camshaft gear 2007-2014 LS2 or LS3 engine. Cam Specs are a very simple way of outlining a Cam Profile as lift so the Cam Profile can be read by a computer program. This is in an '86 chevy pickup short bed, with 2500 stall and a 3. My intake is supposed to allow for up to 6500rpms and my carb is more than enough for that range. For the uninformed, the Thumpr Camshafts are designed to produce good power and torque, as well as tremendous high performance sound through careful specifications. Welcome to LSXceleration LSXceleration, LLC 13528 US 51 Atoka, TN 38004 United States. He responded that all 5' 2", 110 lb. Rough idle. 006" 206211 0. 50 on duration. . Cam and Lifters, Hydraulic Roller Tappet, Advertised Duration 260260, Lift.

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Aftermarket heads like AFR's can use a single pattern cam due to the high IE ratio. 774. Find COMP Cams Camshaft Kits 260 int. D. . This one is a HFT, part number 12-601-4 For the Chevy lifters the specs are 287305. 3. 716 ARP RAS, 7. Oregon Cam Grinding, Inc. The atomic pi x86 and rock pi x are game. Brute low end torque, great for daily driving. Spec sheet and part number available in the pictures for more info. Learn more about our family of camshafts and types of camshafts. . . Wondering if anyone has the cam specs for an older Isky cam EE-390. Hope this helps you. . It has 50 more duration than the Direct connection 260 cam . 223.

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413. . 6500-7000 RPM with 10. The 390 2V cam was right at the same specs duration, the odd thing is that the intake centerline was 115&176;, and the exhaust was 110&176; making for a 113&176; seperation angle, I am betting they did the same on the 460. Comp Cams' New And Huge XFI Roller Cams Make 481 Hp In Our 347-Inch Test Mule. Comp Cam Xtreme Energy. 5-111 compression would use the solid lifter LT-1 cam with the stock exhaust. D. pdf Cam Sets9 Cam Sets9. The basic science behind the Thumpr cams is not a new one. 2015-20 Mustang Comp Cams. In this video, I provide a sound clip of my 1970 Cutlass with the Thumpr Cam from Comp Cams. Optimum Camshaft Duration LSA Calculator. evidentally with the hot cam and the 385 gm engine you get about 420hp from what I've read on here and other forums, i'm thinking about the comp cams 08-2432-8 (xe272) roller cam. I could see 100 hp with the cam (800), new springs (500), a set of long tubes (1200), and a good. Pro Comp Car & Truck Tyres, Hot Cams Motorcycle Camshaft, Commercial Truck Cam Shafts, Ford Genuine OEM Car and Truck. Part Number 249-11-207-3. 454" single pattern Comp Cams cam,&194; long tube headers, 727 tranny, 3. Tech Specs. The advertised duration is 314 degrees on intake and exhaust.

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